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10 ways AI could help people with low IQ

Low IQ people (IQs lower than 86) represent 16% of the population. That's nearly 51 million people in the US. It is a challenge for them to find jobs, and they often depend on others to navigate life.

Could AI help them lead more productive and more fulfilling lives?

10 ways AI could help people with low IQ

    1. AI Chatbots/Robotic Assistants

    Create AI assistance to respond to questions and provide instructions in simple language. Generate visualizations to improve comprehension and provide helpful guides for action.

    2. AI Teacher: Personalized Learning Experience

    Create AI teachers that adapt and deliver content with the speed and pace of the student. Break lessons into manageable chunks and use more iteration in teaching. Have helpers to breakdown concepts or aspects of the lesson that is not understood.

    3. Use NLP technologies to improve text comprehension

    Use the GPT-3 application to summarize and explain information at a second-grade level or summarize it in a single line.

    4. Create UI/UX Interfaces that are simplified them

    User interfaces and designs are made for the average person. However, little thought is taken on how people with low IQ could navigate information or complexity. Create a set of simple interfaces and get feedback from low-IQ folks when navigate web sites.

    5. New Economy for Simple Tasks

    Provide jobs or work that require human intervention like being for image recognition, sound or transcription. Essentially, tasks that an AI would find challenging, but a human could do such as identifying causality, using common sense, imagination and creativity.

    6. Smart Glasses

    Visual cues are easier to understand than written or verbal instructions. The integration of an AI robot with visible pointers could assist in improving task quality.

    For example, folding a piece of paper three ways and inserting it into an envelope is a simple task. Low IQ folks would struggle with this task. Smart glasses could provide visual queues on deviations and markers to help complete the job.

    7. Model Complex Systems and see how we have simplified

    The piloting system on an airplane has complex instrumentation. Systems were created to simplify the complex visual data to allow the pilot to correctly navigate the plane. Visual and auditory cues and fail-safes were built wto assist in the operation and safety of the plan. Could we build something similar for the low IQ cohort.

    8. Poor Nutrition

    Poor nutrition in the formative years of life hurts IQ. Typically countries with a low average IQ lack access to ample food sources leading to prolonged starvation. This has a deliterious effect on intelligence.

    9. Create a chip that increase human intelligence and cognitive ability

    Elon Musk's Neuralink Brain Chip links the human mind to the computer. Thereby increasing the human mind's computational speed and cognitive ability.

    10. Drugs that improve cognitive ability

    Researchers have found that drugs once used to treat Alzheimer's and dementia can improve cognitive ability in low-IQ individuals.

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