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10+ ways I can be physically confident

    1. Adopt a strong posture keep my spine straight my hips centered but still be relaxed and aloof

    2. Recognise the mind body connection recognise that my thoughts are expressed through my physical presence. Like wise by being physically confident my attitude and thought reflect it

    3. Keep well groomed and hygienic so I will feel good physical confidence is also projected to others

    4. Breath using my diaphragm but don't breath nosilly as this distracts

    5. Slow my speaking when I am nervous take a slow breath be deliberate when I communicate with others . Use my deeper authoritive voice and not my higher child like voice save that for the right occasions

    6. Don't be afraid to smile, use my different smiles i.e. don't use my Cheshire Cat smile all the time

    7. Use a stretching practise use a combination of static and dynamic stretching excercise to take tention out of the body

    8. Shake down the body by shaking hands arms legs feet and all parts of the body this is different to stretching . This rejuvenates the body and can be used before speaking and performing

    9. Vocal excercises get the voice warmed up it's an important tool relax the jaw and start on the voice box . Again it can help achieve a confident state before performance

    10. Move with intention, move in a confident deliberate manner with swagger it helps with confidence inward and outwardly

    11. Be physical in your environment ( not arrogant man spread ) but project that you have a right to be here

    12. Don't fidget bite your nails scratch your arse/ass instead be still be aware of these habits of hair touching noise wiping as they distract you and those around you

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