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10 ways i can withdraw equity out of my company as a retiree

i retired early from the company i help build for various reasons, although i’m still on payroll i’d like to withdraw my equity

    1. barter with my inventory assets

    i can try to barter for various services i need to start another business

    2. trade inventory assets for high value stuff, such as houses, cars, jewelry, etc.

    i don’t know who’d be crazy enough to trade a house but it would be nice!

    3. invest in new or existing operations with inventory assets

    operations constantly need supplies and equipment, i can propose that i can provide equipment and supplies for cash

    4. i can start selling online

    i really don’t want to do that, though

    5. quarterly owners withdrawals

    i can propose quarterly cash withdrawals until my equity is depleted

    6. increase my payroll significantly

    increasing my monthly salary to six figures until my equity is depleted

    7. scorched earth - personnel

    remove key personnel to sabotage company operations. force my partner to negotiate terms

    8. scorched earth - competition

    i’ll be a known consultant to my competitors, it will damage the reputation of my company as an employer

    9. scorched earth - competitive edge

    end users will know of our cost basis, giving them negotiating power

    10. go back to work….

    i COULD go back to work but i left for a reason

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