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8 things I could do to get back my Health on track

Lately I've been compromising on my health with either overworking or messing around my bedtime. Here's what I plan to do to get back on track:

    1. Get more sleep:

    We need 6- 8 hours of sleep per night to feel rested and rejuvenated. And I find there's a difference between "sleeping early" than "sleeping late" on how rested I feel even with the same total hours of sleep. Priority: Sleep earlier. Early is usually 10pm on a normal day.

    2. Less Screen time

    If you can recollect how many times you lost "sleep time" in this 21st century, I can bet your were either working on your PC or lavishing time on your phone. I'm spending more time on screens unnecessarily these days. But with some discipline and doing most important work first, I can drastically reduce screen time and achieve the same results. Less screens especially at night - better sleep quality.

    3. Make music more meditative

    My goal is to make my music playlist meditative. I'm a music lover and I spend much time listening to music while "working."

    4. Journal physically

    Every time i write with a pen - I remember the joy of journaling again. I just restarted the habit of writing with a pen again. It also has the advantage of decreasing my screen time and increasing creativity.

    5. Stop worrying about people

    I just gotta get used to the fact that people come and go. Even friends have an "END" at the end - Kanye. Shit happens and we all gotta move on.

    6. Prioritize family

    Friends may come and go but family sticks. Got that.

    7. Eat healthy

    This is already a priority for me. And I hardly compromise this for nothing. Its easier to spend more time "working" than look for a cheap "snack" to compromise my health. Cut out all processed foods. I'll stick to steak, soups, unrefined carbs and some rice. Nothing much.

    8. Reduce Stress

    Big priority for me. Here's what I plan to do: -Workout a few times a week not daily - Get some sunshine -Maintain a bedtime routine -Put first things first - so I don't prolong worktime unnecessarily How are you maintaining your health and sleep routines?

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