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Bill Bergeman


10 Ways I Use Evernote to Keep My Work and Life in Order


    1. I organize all the important high-level stuff into Stacks.

    Such as "Writing," "Businesses," and "Adventure" (yes, I have an adventure Stack!).

    2. In each Stack, I have a relevant Notebook that encompasses sub-areas of that Stack.

    For instance, in "Writing," I have Notebooks for blog essays, my journal, writing client projects, short stories, and even my daily idea lists.

    3. I make liberal use of Tags so I can reference certain ideas I want to track.

    My tags are pretty varied but include niche interests such as "Business Ideas," "Comedy," "Big" (for really big ideas), "Mindset," and much more.

    4. I set a reminder once a month to review ideas under select Tags.

    For example, I like to review my "Great Ideas to Develop" tag once a month

    5. I access everyday Notes using Shortcuts.

    I look at some things at least once a day, such as my Gratitude Journal and Values list.

    6. I save all of my NotePD idea lists under my "Writing" Stack for future reference.

    Then I use tags to pull up lists within any of my given niche interests to decide if there are any ideas I want to explore.

    7. I use the application both on my phone and on my laptop so I can capture ideas anywhere, anytime.

    It makes moving back and forth between those devices much easier.

    8. I use the Scratch Pad for quick ideas that I want to capture.

    This tool is great when I'm on the go and I can use it to capture a voice memo from my phone. Then I can later convert it into a Note if I wish.

    9. I use Evernote Web Clipper to grab onto interesting pages online that I want to read later.

    This is so much more efficient than saving a bunch of links.

    10. I use the Documents section to quickly access important business documents.

    I can also do this by navigating to the respective business under my "Businesses" Stack, but this method is much faster.

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