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10 Ways I Would Live Life Differently if It Were a Video Game

The simulation theory or hypothesis proposes the idea that reality as we know it is just a computer simulation created by some higher entity. A lot of smart people seem to believe there's something to it including Elon Musk, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Scott Adams. What if this were true? Why not take it one step further and assume that life as we knew it was really just one big video game?

The following is a thought exercise to see what would change if life was not only a computer game, but you were aware of it as both the avatar character inside the game as well as the person playing it outside the simulation.

    1. Reset to an Earlier Save Point/Start a New Game

    I think most people who claim to have no regrets in life are either lying or lead very boring lives. Maybe you're an exception, but if I had the option to return to an earlier point in my life with some foresight of future events, I would absolutely take it. Just having some basic knowledge of general technological trends would be enough to make me very wealthy. I would know which tech stocks to invest in years or decades before they blow up in price.

    You may argue that if you had lived your life differently, you would miss out on certain relationships which came from a certain set of circumstances that would be difficult or impossible to replicate. I would argue that if you were meant to meet these people, it would likely still happen but under different circumstances.

    2. Spend a Lot More Time Leveling up and Increasing My Skills

    If life were a video game, you would also have access to your current score and statistics. I know that if my skills were represented as an easily quantifiable number, I would spend much more time trying to make those numbers go up.

    3. Spend a Lot Less Time on Diversions That Don’t Increase My Stats or Progress the Plot

    If my attributes were quantifiable, then it would make sense not to spend too much time on side activities that didn't accomplish much. It would be much more meaningful to use my playtime to do whatever I had to do in order to tackle the next major quest in order to increase my stats and gain access to more of the story.

    4. Look at My Statistics and Determine My Optimal Playstyle

    After working on increasing my attributes for a while, I would get a better idea of what I was strong or weak at. I would then optimize my time to increasing skills and traits that I progressed faster in and try to develop auxiliary skills to complement the main ones.

    5. Explore More of the Map

    Very few games allow you to thrive by staying in the starting area. Growth only comes from moving past your comfort zone (both mental and geographical).

    6. Find the Strategy Guide and Cheat Codes, Then Go to Town

    I've spent more than enough time playing "legit" and getting nowhere. If a strategy guide existed for life and I was certain that it had accurate information, I would read and reread its contents until I either memorized everything or the book disintegrated into dust.

    7. Find and Defeat All of the Bosses

    They tend to hold the best loot and often give the best experience. In this case "boss" doesn't have to mean a person, but a worthy challenge to overcome.

    8. Seek Out My ”Princess”

    It could be a "prince" if you prefer. Maybe you despise the concept of royalty and want to seek something else altogether. Perhaps "purpose" is a better term for this. Most games have some sort of final objective that you're working towards with the reward of a grand ending.

    9. Live a Good Enough Life to Spawn a Sequel

    Sequels come along because the original was good or at least showed some promising concepts which could be further developed.

    10. Find a Spell or Glitch to Warp Around the Map Instantly

    Conventional travel is such a drag.

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