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10+ ways learning has dramatically improved from back in my day

In high school, I often struggled to understand many subjects the abstraction of math, the nuances of English and the complexities of Science.

Textbooks were hard to read. Teachers did a poor job explaining concepts and tying them to real-world applications. Short of hiring a good tutor, I was stuck trying to muddle through on my own.

Fast Forward to today - whether you are a student or seasoned professional learning has gotten a hell of a lot easier.


    1. Comprehension

    AI tools can summarize and bullet point ideas in ways not previously possible. This is a big help in comprehending hard-to-understand material

    • Summizer
    • Jasper
    • Word Hero
    • GPT-3: Summarize for a 2nd Greater
    • Hemingway

    2. Channels of Learning

    Multiple channels exist to learn something:

    • Khan Academy
    • Pinterest
    • YouTube Videos
    • Audible
    • O'Reilly Books
    • Scribd
    • Amazon
    • Research (Google Scholar, Elicit)

    3. Online Courses

    Udemy, Coursera, LinkedIn Learning, EdX - it seems you can find an online course on just about anything!

    4. Specialized Forums

    You can go on Quora, Reddit or a specialized forums and post a question to learn more

    5. Solving Math Problems

    Use a tool like Microsoft Math Solver to solve and explain math problems to you


    6. Study Notes / Flash Cards

    There are marketplaces dedicated to studying and study-related material such as Spark Notes.

    7. Hire a Tutor, Coach or an Expert

    You can hire a tutor or an expert from Fiverr or Upwork that can explain a difficult concept. If you are looking for top experts in an industry you can tap into an Expert Network (expensive).

    8. Get test or interview questions

    Use GPT-3 or AI writing to generate test questions. There are also brain dumps of exams and online prep courses. Even google came out with an Interview Prep tool.

    9. Slack and Discord Channels

    Slack and Discord have specialized user groups that cover learning topics of interest.

    10. Use Meetup.com to create a study group

    11. Learning Search Engine

    You have specialized search engines that can find relevant courses


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