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10 Ways Not To Satisfy The UPSET and Make Things Worse

10:03 AM - You live in a nice McMansion with your spouse raising two adorable kids. 10:04 AM - Your dead, the result of a murder/suicide with two adorable kids left to fend for themselves because the upset won. Upsets escalate fast!

    1. I'm not really upset for the reason I think.

    2. I don't see something that is there.

    What is here for me to get that I'm not getting?

    I've been waiting for life to conjure up situations/tests like these so that I could demonstrate that I can pass them with flying colors.

    I am determined to see this situation differently.

    I am elated to see this situation differently.

    What I perceive as an upset ain't got nothing on me.

    3. I see something is not there.

    There are two sides to the same coin.

    Here's what I believed happened.

    There's what he/she/they believed happened.

    Somewhere in the middle (I'm not sure where exactly) lies the truth.

    Maybe, just maybe, I'm seeing something that is not really there...a fabrication in my mind.

    4. What can I do right now to take the sting off of this upset?

    I'm in the business of de-escalating an upset. That's what I specialize in.

    The fire is already ignited the last thing it needs is an accelerant.

    I'm in the business of containing upsets not spreading them like wildfires.

    5. Is what I'm about to do or say going to make the situation I'm upset about become better or worse?

    If my move is going to reduce my upset then I move forward.

    If my move is going to increase my upset then I stop, drop, and roll.

    6. What do I need from this person so much that I'm willing to punish them in order to try and get it?

    7. If I'm ever upset I should go for a run.

    Going for a run may help me realize that my physical health is about as unsettling as my emotional health.

    8. It's not you, it's me.

    It's me..It's me. I'm the one who's responsible for the upset.

    It's happening inside of me. You're getting off Scot-free.

    I'm 100% responsible for my upset.

    Will you please accept my apologies?

    In the past, I always let the upset win but not today.


    9. Isolate yourself from the upset.

    Am I and the upset the same?

    What can I do to create a bit of space between the upset and myself?

    Is this upset just small stuff?

    What makes this upset huge in my mind other than what I'm thinking and believing?

    Am I willing to let go of the upset? When?

    10. The devil's going to come when the sun goes down.

    Am I going to let a guy in a red suit with a pitchfork still my joy?

    Hey you, you know this is not probably not going to end well.

    I may be "right" but I didn't make any friends.

    Dead wrong or dead right, I'm still dead.

    I deserve better than this.

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