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10 ways print information is better digital

Digital and print both have strengths, but here's where I think print is better.

    1. No hyperlinks

    While hyperlinks are the backbone of the internet, they're also distracting online. Every time you see one in a post you have to stop while you're reading.


    2. Easier on the eyes

    For me, it's less challenging to read a printed page. And no blue light.

    3. No energy required

    What do you need to read a piece of print text? A light source - which could be as simple as light from a window or candlelight. I don't need to charge anything.

    4. I can mark it up

    When I was learning web development, I would print out the code and mark where and how everything worked. Ironically, I couldn't do that on a computer.

    5. I can clip it out what I need

    If it's an article, I can just cut out what I need.

    6. Focus

    If I'm reading a regular print book it's harder to switch to something on the internet. If I read the same book on my phone or laptop, I have easy access to that.

    7. Ads

    The ads in a magazine aren't as targeted to me, and thus aren't as distracting.

    8. Higher quality

    Once you print something, you really can't take it back, so the stakes are higher.

    9. More influential

    Online information has radicalized and inspired lots of people, but when I think of inspirational and moving events, even horrific tragedies, a lot of them were inspired by print texts, such as the religious ones.

    10. Kids still learn to read mostly through print

    How do kids learn to read? It's not on a tablet or laptop, it's through print books.

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