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10 Ways that writing a (non-fiction) book helps you learn more about the topic that you are writing about

You do not need to be an expert before you write your book, but in the process of writing you are likely to become one. These days an eBook is frequently used as a free promotional tool to upsell other services and build awareness and brand.


    1. In organizing your sections you will discover patterns that you might not have noticed

    In a history or biography with chronological chapters, you may realize that certain elements get repeated.

    2. By putting vague thoughts into sentences you will structure your own thoughts

    This structure will sometimes lead to new ideas.

    3. You will need to do some research to fill in the blanks

    4. You need to set limits to the topic of your book

    It would be difficult to write a compelling book "All About Bread" but you might be able to write about the history of challah bread.

    5. Refine your ideal audience and refine your topic

    6. Keep writing to that audience.

    7. Once you write a book, it can open the doors to new opportunities for writing or reading other books.

    8. You can examine your preconceptions as you are writing them out for others

    You may change your beliefs!

    9. You will become known (or can advertise yourself!) as someone that "wrote the book" on the subject.

    This could lead to podcasts and Q&A sessions that challenge and extend your knowledge.

    10. By spending focused time with your subject matter to complete a book you will end up discovering new things along the way

    Even if you consider yourself an expert, exploring ideas in the structure of a book (or creating a video) will force you to explain things that you will not have thought of before the writing process.

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