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10 ways to actually accomplish goals that you set

I have made some "10 things I would like to do" lists and while they are great and motivational it is hard to finish 10 things at once. Here are some ways to get larger projects done!

10 ways to actually accomplish  goals that you set

    1. Write or print your goals where you can see them every day

    I try to have annual, quarterly and monthly goals. The weekly tends to be more tactical.

    2. Check your progress at least 2-3 times a week

    If you have many goals like I do some are going to start to fall behind

    3. Break down you goals into small tasks

    For example one goal I have is to read 100 books this year. That breaks down to a little over 8 per month or 2 per week. I can do that and keep score. I also know that if I don't keep up with that pace I would not be able to finish unless I went to the children's section in the library.

    4. Give yourself completion deadlines

    For your tasks and sub tasks. Beeple gave himself a daily deadline for over 15 years!

    5. It is typical to overestimate what you can do in a week but underestimate what you can do in a month

    Keep after your goals: I have found that I think I can do a lot in a short period of time but if I stick it out and keep going I end up finishing a lot in a longer period of time.

    6. Focus on one project at a time until you are finished

    It is a trap to have 3-4 active projects at once: it means that none of them get finished. I am still guilty of this but I try to focus on finishing one before I move on to another. I try to separate my projects by type: side hustle, woodworking, fitness so that I can work on all of them in a day but I try to prioritize one.

    7. Get a wall calendar and use a 12 week year to plan

    8. Get a whiteboard to write down ideas

    9. Keep different lists for annual, quarterly, monthly and weekly goals

    10. Don’t beat your self up if you can’t finish a project: analyze why and keep going .

    If you try to do 10 things in a year and only do five it would probably be 5 more than if you had never tried at all

    11. Prepare for downtime after finishing a large project

    This does not always happen, but it did happen to me: I worked to publish a book, and for about a week afterward, I have been down and unsure what to start next. I would have been better off taking a real vacation to recharge my batteries for a couple of days. Without the guilt, I would have gotten the same amount of work done (none).

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