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10 ways to be a better thinker

    1. Breathe, don't let your emotions control or dictate your thoughts and actions

    2. Use mental models to help focus your thinking on the right things

    3. Read a lot

    Read widely and use that knowledge in different situations

    4. Have a set of problems in your head

    Any time you find a solution, even if it's not in your industry, see if it will help with the problems you have

    5. Hang out with smart friends

    They can challenge you and help improve your thinking

    6. Write it out

    Writing things out means you have to be super clear on what it is

    7. Argue against yourself

    Say you have a viewpoint that Harvard is the best university in the world. Ask yourself what points people might say to disprove you.

    8. Beware of biases and fallacies

    9. Learn from your mistakes

    Just because you have a good outcome doesn't always mean you made a good decision. For example, if you decided to run the red light and you didn't get into an accident, that doesn't mean you made a good decision.

    10. Sleep on it

    If you're not in a rush to make a decision or take action, mull it over by sleeping on it.

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