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10 Ways To Be Happier Today

Still learning how to use the site: going with a prompt for this one.

    1. Go for a walk

    Even if it's just a walk around the block. Get some fresh air, take a break from your routine, move your body. Just go.

    2. Play

    I am of the belief that many adults have forgotten how to play - or feel guilty about playing. Play is essential, whether it be a board game, a killer game of ping pong, or running around the yard with your kid/pet/both. There's nothing to feel guilty about.

    3. Call/Text somebody you love

    I don't know about you, but I love getting the random message from a friend or family member. Those moments when you think about somebody you haven't spoken to in awhile? Reach out, see how they're doing. I do not recommend doing this with those you have a strained relationship with - that might make your day more stressful (something to chat about another time).

    4. Knock something off of your to-do list

    Have you been meaning to fix the leaky faucet in your half bathroom (guilty), or respond to an email you don't want to? Maybe you have to call and make an appointment. Whatever it is get it done. Check check check.

    5. Listen to a song that brings back a happy memory

    Wrap yourself in that warm nostalgia, baby.

    6. Create

    Tap into your inner artist and create something. Draw, build a fort, make a sand castle: create for creation's sake.

    7. Be 100% present in the next conversation you have

    More often I see others around me attached to their phone like it's a lifeline. I do this too at times and have worked hard at breaking that habit. Take the time to make yourself fully present in the next conversation you have. Perhaps you already do this, but if you don't give it a try. Trust me, the phone and internet will be there later.

    8. Take a moment to be grateful

    I know, so many of these seem simple, right? But how often do you actually stop and think about what you have to be grateful for? Do you get trapped in the endless monotony of wake, work, stuff, sleep, rinse, repeat? Do you break out of your habits, take a step back, and think about the progress you've made or the clean water you have? Sit with it. Send back into the world that grateful energy.

    9. Eat the damn cookie

    This is totally my list and nobody else's - so maybe #9 doesn't work for you - or maybe it does. As somebody still in the process of recovering from an eating disorder (thank you gaggle of therapists & doctors) - one cookie isn't going to end your day. It's not going to throw your whole diet astray. Food is food is food is food. There's a think as too much tracking, there's a thing as too much of the extremes. For me, it's ok to eat a cookie and enjoy it for what it is: a cookie.

    10. It's up to you

    You know what makes you happy, so following my specific list might not do it for you. Go do that thing that makes you happy! Be kind to others, don't cause harm, believe in yourself. Fuck yeah.

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