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10 Ways to Become Friend with Pain in August

I am reading Hidden Genius by Polina Marinova Pompliano because come on.. that podcast. Awesome. I am on what I think is the first chapter. I scroll on Kindle so I have no idea.

The thought of becoming friends with pain is something I need next month. All I did last year was complain about how hard my year was. It was hard but there are harder things in life. There are a lot of ways I can push myself to get ready for it this year. I am going back. I applied to a lot of schools and asked a ton of questions. They all sounded like what I experienced last year. If I want to be a teacher. I have to treat it like an endurance race. I think I am just doing this until I figure out what to do next. Here are 10 ways I am going to become friends with pain in August.

    1. Intermittent Fasting

    I have done this. I was actually really successful at it during the school year. I only ate when I was at school. 8am to 4 pm. I can do that again especially with all the other stuff I am going to be doing. I have been snacking like crazy the past few weeks. I can't just eat whenever I want. I need to endure the fact that I am hungry and just be like ok.. you're hungry. Go do something.

    2. Running

    I am not a runner. I am a walk to jog to sprint kind of girl. Running for long periods is painful to me. My lungs hurt. I even get kind of itchy. I get bored. I sweat. I really don't like sweating. I haven't quite figured out how much I plan to run every day. Since I've never really done it. I don't know what is realistic but I am hoping by Aug 15 it will be like 2-3 miles a day.

    3. Vlogging

    I am terrified of vlogging. I have no desire to see my face on a screen. I have no idea how to do it. I mean you can't just sit in front of a camera and talk. That is so ridiculous. But I have some fun things I want to vlog about. If I can do one idea list a week where I am vlogging for each idea. I think that will get me to become friends with the mental pain of seeing myself on camera in the horribly lit basement that I currently live in.

    4. Watering

    I bought one of those smart water bottles that tracks how much water you drink. I managed to drink 100 ounces the 1st full day I had it. FYI: That is RIDICULOUS. It is not worth it. I was peeing 3 times an hour. I think my goal will be 60 ounces.

    5. Editing My Things

    I have too much crap. I gave away 3 bags of clothes 2 weeks ago and I still have another bag to get rid of. There is no reason that I should have all of these clothes.But it's not just clothes. I have so many pointless cords. Why does everything come with a cord? I think I will label each cord and only have one of each type of cord. I have soo many markers and pencils and pens and paper and paint and craft supplies. I have 30 books I have read maybe 1 chapter of. But it is really hard to get rid of this stuff.I feel like it defines me. If I get rid of this stuff right now.. what will be left of me when I die? How will people know me? I need to get rid of this stuff.

    6. Real Talks

    I have been told that I am wrong about so many things. I have had people exit my life because of things I have said. I have had people tell me I am essentially a bad person because of the way that I view the world or that I am crazy. I just don't have real talks anymore. I am so scared of how people will react to me. I value my relationships and I don't want these people to disappear from my life. I just need to be able to have deep conversations.

    7. 1 hr max of tv a day

    I have watched too much tv this summer. no more.

    8. Cleaning System

    I found this fun cleaning system on FB. I need to follow it daily and keep my little basement clean and organized.

    9. Reading

    I won't be watching TV and so I will read. I will read the paper books I have first because if it sucks I can take it to the used book store. Reading to me can be hard sometimes. I have to be in a good mental space to be able to look at words and not think about the fact that I haven't written the book that I want. I think that's part of it. I want to say read 100 pages a day but I might be working so that might not work.

    10. Routine

    I have to get back to my school routine. Bed by 9 and awake by 6:30. I might push it 10 pm and 7am but Ive got to get closer to it.

    11. Bonus: Meditate

    I need to get back to the spiritual stuff. Meditation is good.

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