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10 Ways to become successful.

    1. Get good at something

    Whatever it is you want to be successful at, get really good at it.

    For instance, if you want to be a great investor, study every great investor in history. Know their stories, know their strategies, know the mistakes they made and what they learned from them. Know the market history of each country, each sector. Know how to value companies (and how not to), etc.

    If you want to be a writer, read all the great writers in history and study why they were great and what makes a writer great.

    If you want to start a business, study entrepreneurs who have succeeded and find out what they did that was different than everyone else.

    If you want to invest in real estate then study the history of real estate booms and busts in various countries around the world so you can recognize when one is starting again (it's starting).

    Whatever it be that success means for you - get good at it by studying those who are already successful at it. Don't waste time trying to reinvent things that have already been proven over and over again.

    2. Surround yourself with people better than you are in your area of interest/expertise . . . but only if they are also interested in improving themselves as well as helping others improve (i.e., "value adders")

    This is a bit tricky because sometimes people seem better than we are but really aren't because they don't care about improving themselves or helping others improve (I call them "status seekers"). But if someone seems like he or she cares about self-improvement AND wants to help others improve then surround yourself with them. I've written about this before but I'll repeat myself here: Sometimes I meet people who seem way more intelligent than me but I end up making more money than them because I'm willing to take risks while they are not willing or able to take risks (they might say they would take risks but deep down they don't believe it so won't act on opportunities when they come along). It's ok for me not to be smarter than everyone else but I am willing to work harder than most people so this ends up being my edge most of the time. riks_jkim_1 = highest quality sleep possibleriks_jkim_2 = highest quality nutrition possibleriks_jkim_3 = highest quality exercise possibleriks_jkim_4 = highest quality socializing possibleriks_jkim_5 = highest quality creativity possibleriks_jkim_6 = high quality reading for ideas for improvement for yourself and others (i.e., value adding)riks_jkim_7= high quality investing or entrepreneurship possibilities for creating more wealth for myself and others (i.e., value adding)And remember: "Value" doesn't mean just money - maybe value means happiness or love or health or whatever else is important in your life - whatever gives meaning/purpose/excitement/joy/glee/happiness/contentment/peace into your life will give value even if it doesn't make money directly (but usually money comes along anyway). This is my formula these days although there was a long period where my formula was very different from this one above because of some very painful experiences caused by some status seekers during those years which caused me to write about this subject many times during that period: https://notepd.com/blog/why-your-friends-will-always-be-bad-for-you

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