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10 ways to better my mornings

This morning I was thinking of ways I could better them.

    1. Don't drink coffee immediately after getting up

    Drink tea or lemon water instead.

    2. Go outside within the first hour or so of waking

    Get that fresh air.

    3. Don't look at Twitter first thing in the morning

    Actually, no social media when I just get up- or news for that matter.

    4. Read something meaningful to start the day

    Better than being on my phone. Much better.

    5. Don't immediately try and get ahead of things

    I want to get up and look at messages and emails I missed overnight. Note to self: stop.

    6. Meditate & Pray

    Meditate and pray before getting busy.

    7. Be mindful of what I eat in the morning

    I feel better when I eat something in the morning that isn't too sugary.

    8. Try and wake up a little earlier each day

    I want to wake up earlier to have a bit more time to relax before starting my day.

    9. Say outloud three things I'm thankful for

    I think this would be nice to do, start the day with some gratitude. Also, attempt to say different things I'm thankful for, to keep from saying the same thing over and over.

    10. Make a to-do list

    Be specific about the important things that I want to accomplish during the day and actually do them.

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