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10 Ways to Boost My Happiness

Happiness doesn't happen to me. Happiness is something that I generate.

    1. Go Outside

    It doesn't have to be long. It takes 7 minutes to walk around my apartment complex. Less than that to walk through the park out my back door. In the warmer weather I can also work on my balcony. Just get some fresh air when I need it. Be outside more.

    2. Be With My Son

    Who cares about the phone. Who cares about work. All that stuff will be there when I am done. Spend time with my son. Enter his world. Mine won't go anywhere.

    3. Write Something

    Anything. Get some thoughts on paper (or a blank screen). Get some ideas down. Share them, maybe. See who they might benefit.

    4. Smile More

    If I am physically moping around, it's tough to magically be struck by happiness.

    5. Create Something

    Yes, I love watching a great TV show, movie or sporting event. I love consuming something entertaining. But sometimes I need to create something. For myself.

    6. Try Something New

    Break out of your rut. Try doing something new. Take a picture of something new. Cook something new. Go on a hike somewhere new. Just go be somewhere new. Have a new experience.

    7. Exercise

    Breaking a sweat will do it. Elliptical. Run. Just get at it.

    8. Explore

    It's time to go on more mini-vacations around the area. Chicago, Springfield, Carbondale, Galena, Starved Rock, the Field of Dreams field, all of it...understand the area I live in.

    9. Dedicated Reading Time

    I absolutely love to read books. I haven't done nearly enough of that in a LONG time. Read 20 minutes a day. I think my happiness would skyrocket.

    10. Enjoy the Small Moments

    The smile on your son's face. The taste of coffee. The feeling of a deep breath. The beat of the song that's on the stereo. Just take the time to enjoy it.

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