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10 ways to build consistency in your day

    1. Wake up at the same time every day

    Hard to build consistency if you wake up at different times in the morning

    2. Sleep around the same time every day

    A good day starts with 7-8 solid hours of sleep

    3. Eat the same breakfast every day

    A great way to minimize decisions and to make it easy for you to start your day right.

    4. Three tasks

    While what you do every day can be different, how you plan your day could be the same - write three tasks on an index card the night before. These are the tasks you'll tackle the next day. Why three? Three is doable. It doesn't overwhelm you. Why on an index card? It's easy and inexpensive.

    5. Clean and organize your desk

    I like having a blank slate every day for any creative work. Or alternative, set out the materials you need for your creative work the night before so it's ready for you the next day.

    6. Time for breaks

    After 30 minutes of focused work, take a 5 min break. Spend it stretching or getting hydrated. Take breaks regularly.

    7. Leave something unfinished

    I heard Hemingway used to leave sentences half-finished for the day so that when he started the next day, he could immediately start and get into flow.

    8. Wear the same thing every day

    Or do what I do, wear the same work clothes for a week and then change at the end of the week. Helps to minimize decisions.

    9. Schedule it in

    We worry when we miss meetings. We get anxious when we have upcoming meetings. SO if we schedule things in our calendar, it'll get done.

    10. Eliminate distractions

    Can you eliminate wifi? Can you leave your smartphone in another room? Can you turn off email notifications?

    11. Work in the same place

    If you're fortunate enough to have a dedicated space for work, only do work in THAT space. Don't do anything else there. That way, when you're in the space your mind gets into the idea that this is for work

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