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10 Ways to Change by Adjusting Your Environment

In James Clear's recent newsletter, he had an idea that stuck with me:

“It is not necessary to change a person in order to change their behavior.

Just change their environment.”


    1. Get some sun

    If you are feeling down.

    Look at the trees. The birds. Admire nature.

    2. Throw away all junk food

    If you are eating poorly.

    Donate it, if that makes you feel better. Now you'd have to leave the house (or order) crappy food.

    3. Stop going to bars

    If you are drinking too much.

    Or like #2, remove alcohol from your home.

    4. Move to another company

    If you feel stuck or hate your career.

    Sometimes, we need a change of scenery. Or a change of management. Or co-workers.

    5. Make new friends

    If your current group is negative or a bad influence on you.

    6. Delete social media apps from your phone

    Can still use them on your computer, but it's harder to access that way.

    7. Redecorate or Rearrange your home

    If you need some inspiration or want a cozier place.

    8. Stop going out late at night

    "Nothing good happens after midnight."

    9. Place your phone in another room

    Before you go to bed. Or even during the day, if you are using it too much.

    10. Remove the TV in your bedroom

    If you have trouble sleeping. Or aren't spending enough time with your significant other.

    11. Move

    New home. New city. Sometimes we just need a fresh start.

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