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10 Ways to Cheaply Get Users for an App

Some ideas. . .

    1. Podcast

    There are a ton of "simply upload" podcast options out there. Make it short if you don't have time.

    - Podcast + App interview meditation/game "experts" & or people in this genre

    2. TikTok

    Talk meditation 5-15 sec clips.

    Research meditation TikToks, copy, challenges

    TikTok(ers) want to see the raw, barely edited version of you/app. Don't advertise unless funny/self-deprecating and boldly stating you are advertising

    3. Newsletter

    Create a newsletter simply using the information from podcast and podcast guests

    - Total (besides time) $25 - $50 a month

    4. Phone Calls

    Nontraditional ads. Late night and/or info-heavy niche link sites

    5. Partner

    Find a partner/company/product that could use your game/app as part of their business. Utilize their network/platform.

    6. Radio

    Radio like many mediums needs content.

    7. QR Massage

    Find massage/holistic/natural physical locations where you could send and have them set up your posterboard to scan the QR and directly download the game. Offer free for X days if charging for the app.

    - From China, you could get plenty for 2-$500 made and shipped.

    8. Colleges

    Colleges are still big on lowering the stress within the campuses. The colleges themselves may back the app.

    - Psych profs may see a use

    9. Shop Your App Around

    There might be companies/conglomerates that own many apps like this within this space. You might sell it to them or lease it for a time.

    10. Write a Book

    Write a short book/ebook on meditation and gaming. Promote book around and be the perceived expert.

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