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10 Ways To Combat Sunday Scaries

"Somebody's got a case of the Mondays!!!!" Do you suffer from anxiety on Sunday nights? I do. It's brutal. But I've survived another Sunday night, or I wouldn't be here typing these words. Ideas from clevelandclinic.org.

    1. Change your mindset

    Be mindful of the thoughts that run through your head on Sunday nights. Replace negative thoughts like “I don’t want to go to work tomorrow” with positive, encouraging statements, like “I can do this” or “This is nothing new. I will be OK."

    2. Create a Sunday night routine

    A routine will give you something to look forward to and ease the transition. Watch your favorite TV show or make a special Sunday evening meal. Our bodies and minds love consistency and a routine.

    3. Treat yourself to Monday morning perks

    Enjoy a cup of coffee from your favorite coffee shop or listen to a podcast on the way to work. These things can help make Mondays even more enjoyable.

    4. Get some sleep

    Have a cup of herbal tea or tart cherry juice to help you sleep. Go to bed at the same time every Sunday night. Getting enough sleep can help you feel at your best the next day so you can start your week on the right foot.

    5. Visualize a better Sunday

    Imagine walking through your day calmly in your mind. Research indicates that positive imagery can trick your mind into calming down and increase your confidence.

    6. Switch on the off sign

    If possible, avoid doing work during the weekend to allow yourself to recharge your batteries. That might mean putting your phone away or saving emails for the workweek.

    7. Work on some Sunday projects

    Engaging your mind and gearing up for the workweek can help ease the transition from relaxation to work mode. Do your meal prep. Put a piece of furniture together or clean. Mindless tasks can help you get ready for the week ahead.

    8. Exercise

    Movement is a natural antidepressant.  Be sure to schedule some exercise every Sunday to help boost the feel-good chemicals in your brain.

    9. Create a to-do list for Monday

    Before you go to bed, jot down the most important things that you need to do on Monday morning. This can help you release your worries and organize your thoughts so you can fall asleep much easier.

    10. Listen to the message

    Think about what your dread is really about. Is it trying to tell you something? Drill down to what is really bothering you and see if there are some mini fixes to it. When you truly understand what is triggering the anxiety or bothering you deep down, you may get some relief by just being able to honestly name it.

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