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10 ways to come up with those last few ideas (if you're stuck at 6, 7 or 8 ideas)

Some stolen from James Altucher himself

10 ways to come up with those last few ideas (if you're stuck at 6, 7 or 8 ideas)

    1. Idea subtraction

    Take one of your existing ideas and subtract something. Could be money. Could be time. Could be resources. How would you make that same idea happen but without money? Or on an accelerated timescale. Or without anyone to help?

    2. Idea multiplication

    Take an existing idea and then figure out how you might scale it. What would you do? How would you make it work so that it is working overnight (i.e., without your involvement)?

    3. Idea sex

    Take two or more of your ideas and combine them. What happens? For example, take the idea of idea subtraction and idea multiplication - what can you subtract and then how could you scale?

    4. Idea addition

    Not as useful as idea subtraction because you're trying to work with fewer resources, but sometimes it can help you get unstuck. What would you do if you had infinite money? Infinite time? Hundreds of bots that could do repetitive processes for you?

    5. Imagine another occupation

    Take your same idea and consider it from another occupation. How would an artist approach this problem? A mechanic? Engineer? Computer scientist? A math teacher?

    6. Imagine from someone successful

    What would Richard Branson do? Mark Cuban? Leonardo da Vinci? Sometimes thinking about it from someone you admire gives you ideas

    7. Read a book

    Flip to a random page. Read about the tactic. Then see if that same tactic would apply to the situation you're trying to come up with ideas for. If not, repeat with another page or another book.

    8. Generate a random verb

    Similar idea to flipping to a random page in a book, generate a random verb. Does the verb help?

    9. Ideal solution

    Imagine you had a genie and you could wish for the best solution. What would it look like?

    10. Worst solution

    Sometimes starting from the worst solution can be a great way to get unblocked. If you don't have to worry about your idea being bad (because you want the worst solution possible), you can usually generate good ideas.

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