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10 ways to create more time for reading

    1. Bring a book with you everywhere

    Whether you're waiting in line, waiting for the doctor, waiting for your meal, you can pick up your book and read.

    2. Skip unnecessary meetings

    It might save you time in general

    3. Read while exercising

    I like reading while on the exercise bike - I can exercise but also get some reading in - harder to do when you're rowing or on the treadmill or elliptical

    4. Wake up early

    The mornings seem to be the best time to absorb and learn new information

    5. End work early

    Schedule time at the end of the work day to read and learn something new

    6. Read while eating lunch

    Sometimes a bit messy

    7. Borrow books from the library

    Sometimes cost can be a factor - so just borrow the books from the library and never worry about costs again

    8. Listen to audiobooks while doing chores

    I don't like this as much as reading books but it can be a great way to get through fiction

    9. Don't worry about how much time you have read

    Whether you have an hour or 5 minutes, any reading is good reading

    10. Read interesting things

    Reading boring stuff isn't going to be fun and it'll feel like a slog. Reading things that interest you or that you can immediately apply to your life are the best.

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