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10 ways to find your mojo when it goes missing

    1. Do less

    My mojo often goes missing when I’ve done too much and am heading for burnout. Paring back makes a difference. Doing less or nothing at all helps.

    2. Walk

    Good for all kinds of reasons, making walking a regular habit reconnects you with your creativity. Which leads me to …

    3. Do something creative

    Walking with my camera weekend after weekend was my salvation years ago. Not only was I walking but I was finding flow by focusing on what I was doing.

    4. A YouTube playlist

    I have a few videos that always make me feel upbeat and inspired. Create your own list for days when you need a boost.

    5. Music

    Similar to the YouTube playlist, I have a small list of songs guaranteed to lift my mood. My main one is Mr Brightside by The Killers!

    6. Artist Date

    A Julia Cameron recommendation from The Artist’s Way, an artist date involves taking yourself somewhere on your own - a museum, art gallery. A play, a concert.

    7. Collage/art journaling

    I did this for a while. It’s a lot of fun. It involves collage, paint, lettering and notebooks. What’s not to like! It’s great to lose yourself in the process.

    8. Exercise

    For a few years every weekend I had a kickboxing class 1:1 with a trainer. I was never going to win prizes but I loved kickboxing. The physical exhaustion after a class was oddly satisfying and switched off my over thinking.

    9. See a film

    You have to go to the cinema. You need the full experience. The big screen. And the popcorn. Go alone. Be fully immersed.

    10. Go with the flow

    You can’t rush your mojo. Don’t try to force it. Let go and it will eventually return.

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