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10 ways to get back into the idea list habit

Oops, it's been a while.

    1. Prioritize it.

    First thing in the morning? At lunch?

    2. Habit stack.

    From Atomic Habits. Maybe everytime you enjoy your first cup of coffee, you start writing your idea list.

    3. Be a part of a community.

    Like NotePD--a community helps keep you accountable and excited about exercising your creativity muscle.

    4. Write an idea list as to the WHY.

    Why are you doing this? Is it to build creativity? Is it for your mental health? Is it just a way to pass the time? If you're clear why you need this, you might feel more motivated.

    5. Don't beat yourself up.

    I think the hardest thing is that we can beat ourselves up when we skip a day and have that feed a cycle where you skip months. If you don't do it, just start again. You're not becoming dumb. You haven't set yourself back. Just pick it back up.

    6. Be grateful that you can create idea lists.

    Wow, how lucky. We're not surviving, we're thriving and writing idea lists.

    7. Tailor your idea lists to your work, business, or personal interests.

    That way - it's not just mental masturbation; it can help you with what you do.

    8. Read ideas.

    Feed your brain. Try to see the other side of an idea you might feel passionate about. Understand the other side so that you can see how people think. Other ideas can help open your mind.

    9. Don't forget about your other health habits.

    Your body, spiritual health, emotional health. It's all interconnected. You need these pieces to work together for your mental piece to work well.

    10. Create a negative consequence for yourself if you skip a day.

    Maybe you donate $100 for every day you skip or whatever it is for you. If it's truly important to you, make that commitment.

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