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10 ways to get even more from your lists

    1. Start a twitter thread

    The best part of twitter in my opinion is that there's so many informative threads to read through. Break up your list and start sharing threads.

    2. Posters

    If you have a thread that was designed to help you remember something, make it into a poster. If it could help others sell them and make some extra cash.

    3. Instagram

    Put your titles into a photo editor and make nice Instagram photos out of your list.

    4. Book

    A book of your top 50 lists. Combine similar lists and expand on them. Just have titles and allow others to fill in the book with their own lists.

    5. Sell your growth story

    If you have documented initial idea all the way through to completed product you could share your journey with others. Maybe it's movie worthy.

    6. Videos

    Could you make a video from your lists? Top tens. Ten ways to...

    If people are liking them here, there's a good chance they'll like them on YouTube as well.

    7. Podcast

    Talk about your list with others. Have them state their opinions on each idea. Get fans to join and give them challanges you can share on future episodes.

    8. It's been a long day at work. Short list today sorry.

    Hope you enjoyed. Maybe I'll tackle this topic again in the future.

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