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Daniel Knight


10 Ways to Be Active

These are some simple things you can do to get and stay active. You don't need to worry about getting a 6-pack or some beach bod. Having a physically fit body where you're not winded from running up a flight of stairs is more than most people have. These tips will also help in the long run. 


    1. Take that first step

    • Start running
    • Start lifting
    • Start cycling
    • Just start

    2. Challenge a friend

    Find someone who will challenge you to hit new heights. 

    3. Set a meaningful goal

    WHY are you striving for an active lifestyle?

    So you can look good?

    So you can feel good?

    So you can feel good looking good?

    So you don't die from a heart attack in your mid-50's?

    4. Do something you enjoy

    This is probably the most important. If you find something that keeps you active AND you enjoy it, you'll have much more success at staying active!

    5. Set reasonable expectations

    You're not going to lose all that fat and all the weight in one week. Give it time. Great things happen with consistency over long periods of time. 

    6. Eat well

    There's nothing worse than eating garbage to ruin what you already burned off

    7. Create a structure/plan

    Having a flexible structure to being active is very important. 

    8. Allow easy days

    I don't suggest being a couch potato for a full day. Staying active even on the off days will help prevent giving up. 

    9. Find an accountability buddy

    Different that someone to challenge you. Find someone who will keep you on track who you'll do the same for. 

    10. Make it easy

    By starting off small and easing into it, you'll find your body wanting to push for more over time. 

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