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10 ways to get into flow

    1. If you're a writer, leave a sentence unfinished for the next day

    2. Have a set time, place and routine for when you want to get into flow

    For example, have a dedicated workspace, do the hard work first thing in the morning, and have your coffee ready - do this enough and you'll be primed to get into flow

    3. Do one small step

    Motivation follows action. Don't wait to get motivated.

    4. If you know what to do next, write it down

    At the end of your work period, write what you have to do next

    5. Use binaural beats

    There's free channels on Youtube

    6. If you're not into binaural beats, try lo-fi chill music

    Or have your own music you like to listen to get into flow. And listen to the same music every time you work.

    7. Focus on one thing

    Don't try to multi-task. Focus on one thing. Use the momentum of completing that one thing to propel you to the next thing.

    8. Schedule it in your calendar

    If it doesn't get scheduled, it doesn't get done.

    9. Timeblock

    Spend a certain amount of time and tell yourself that's all you have time for.

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