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10 ways to get more done in a day

    1. Bias to action

    When you think of doing something like " I have to do the dishes" just do them instead 

    2. Post a whiteboard at home

    Makes keeping to do lists easy and public 

    3. Keep a to do list

    Keep it in the whiteboard 

    4. If you intend on exercising but have a few minutes get dressed first

    So if you are at home and plan on going on a run later get dressed to run early so when you have time you can run immediately 

    5. Buy equipment that saves you time

    For example get a desk or kitchen organizer to keep your tools out so you do t have to hunt for them. If you use more than one computer get multiple monitors and keyboards instead of plugging and unplugging them.

    6. Organize equipment and keep it together

    If you go to the gym keep a bag packed, if you walk a dog keep the leash, bags, flashlights by the front door. 

    7. Get up early and work on a project before your daily work/school obligations

    This will time-box you and you Willl be amazed with what you can accomplish 

    8. Have many projects to do

    Have books and audio books on your phone. Have other long term projects like writing, art, music, woodworking that you can make some progress on in short increments. 

    9. Analyze your time

    Every day or week analyze what you have done and how you might have been wasting time. 

    10. Be deliberate about taking time off

    Throughout the day if you want to take a break allot yourself time to enjoy it! This attitude will let you focus on a game or tv show or whatever you want to do to take a break. If you have been doing other things you have the time.

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