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10 ways to get more from "the sacrifice of effort"

I was listening to Seth Godin's Akimbo Podcast "in search of the worst CEO" and this idea of sacrifice of effort struck a cord so I thought I'd examine my take on it.

    1. Be the CEO of your own life

    Be more invested in your processes and outcomes

    2. Not all effort is equal

    Whats powering the effort desire,will,passion,envy

    3. Effort and Energy understand its coexistence

    Understand the activities that generate, drain or preserve your own personal energy

    4. Ask the why and answer it

    Its good to be aware of the why behind the effort. After all why go to all that effort in the first place.

    5. What life tasks can be delegated

    Don't spend the effort if others can spend if for you

    6. Don't spend your effort being a Dick to others

    Effort with manners candor and compassion can really be effective , so why on earth

    7. Spend effort on what will compound

    Effort is an investment look for returns (not just monetary)

    8. Combine effort with your dreams

    It cant just be goals and objectives effort needs to be fueled with your dreams

    9. Stretch the boundaries of where your effort can take you by collaborating with others

    Take effort to an exponential power through collaboration with others

    10. Review your own hierarchies of effort and rank them

    If you are sacrificing the effort make sure its going to bring the most value to you and to otherds

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