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10 ways to get more out of Note PD

10 ways to get more out of Note PD

    1. Review your old lists to find ideas that you can go deeper into. Create a new list and add another level of thought

    2. Review your lists to detect patterns and things that you think about often

    Go deeper on these ideas

    3. Read, contribute and comment on other’s posts

    Learn new things and foster the community.

    4. Always challenge yourself to get to 10 ideas

    As James says the magic is frequently when you start sweating around idea #6... push through!

    5. Use private lists to keep track of personal projects

    There are even ten steps to making dinner so these private lists are great for "what do I need to do this weekend " or specific tasks on projects that are not relevant to a public list. It tends to break projects into manageable "pomodoro" size tasks.

    6. Write challenges to get other peoples perspectives on issues that you are interested in

    There are still not very many of these.

    7. Experiment with AI image prompt engineering and text generation

    This is a skill that can be developed.

    8. Take notes as you read or listen to audio books/podcasts: "10 things I learned from ..."

    This keeps you an active consumer of information.

    9. Improve your ratio of producing to consuming online content/social media.

    It is always easier to consume than produce but maintaining the daily habit of "positively contributing to the internet" has helped me limit the time I used to waste on doom-scrolling on sites like Quora.

    10. Maintain a streak

    As I have written in other lists, doing this daily has great benefits.

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