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Bill Bergeman


10 Ways to Get Out of My Head

This is a product of being introverted, though I think it happens to people of all personality types now and again. Sometimes it helps to come up with tactics to help get me out of the enormous, wondrous world I built for myself in my head.

    1. Text a fellow introvert.

    Ask how that person is doing. Just get some sort of dialogue going so I can focus on someone else.


    More energy = less introversion. Also, COFFEE.

    3. Practice this formula: Friendliness = eye contact + smile + hello.

    This tactic can be done anywhere I cross paths with other people. Attempt eye contact with the other person, and if they return it, smile, and then say hello. That's it. 95% of the time they'll do the same. No need to continue any dialogue (unless it happens organically).

    4. Apologize to someone.

    Call or text (I prefer text) someone and apologize for something I've done.

    5. Take a quick nap.

    Again, more energy = less introversion.

    6. Practice 'warm-up' conversations.

    These are brief, pleasant encounters that require some, but generally minimal, dialogue. I find this is best done with service people, such as baristas.

    7. Go for an easy walk or hike.

    Focus as fully as possible on the surroundings. Keep it easy so I am not distracted by a strenuous effort.

    8. Conversely, go do a challenging workout.

    It might not get me focused on other people, but it will get me focused on something other than the swirling thoughts in my head.

    9. Imagine a great conversation I had with someone. Have that dialogue with myself.

    That may seem like an entirely inner-head experience, but I've gone from having a non-stop conversation with myself to having a conversation with "someone else." This is a good, easy next step when getting out of my head proves particularly challenging.

    10. Agree to meet someone to do something, even if I don't want to.

    This will force me to think about the other person, at least to a degree.

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