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10 ways to get rid of the noisy neighbors

H/T @arty

10 ways to get rid of the noisy neighbors

    1. Talk to them.

    They may not realize that they are being noisy. I've been on both sides of this conversation. Sometimes it really is that simple.

    2. Talk to the Landlord.

    If this applies.

    3. Is there a specific type of noise that is bothering you and is there anything you can do?

    A friend once had upstairs neighbors that were so noisy. This seemed to happen even though they were conscientious neighbors and were doing their best. Eventually my friend got the neighbors and the landlord to agree to brand new wall-to-wall carpeting (thicker pile with heavy matting). She did this by agreeing to pay half of all expenses. The landlord and the neighbors agreed to pay the other half. And it worked!

    4. If the noise is coming from social events like parties, get on the invite list.

    You won't notice the noise in your place, if you are partying in their place.

    5. If the noise is coming from outside, you have more options.

    Window air conditioners. Heavier drapes. Fans. White noise machines. etc.

    6. If you can't change your neighbors, can you change yourself?

    While not ideal, is it possible for you to switch your schedule some? Are there alternative work or play spaces that you could occupy?

    7. Are there noise ordinances that cover where you live?

    Finding this out leads to the next few ideas.

    8. Does it describe allowable hours and/or days?

    9. Is there a listed decibel (dB) level?

    10. Are certain noise-making items or equipment listed?

    11. Once you are armed with this information you can make a plan.

    Make sure that you are always within the law.

    12. Maybe it's time to become the most annoyingly friendly neighbor you can be.

    If you can't get to sleep because of the noise, call your neighbors and chat. DON'T complain. We're past that step. Just chat nonchalantly and non-stop. Do they work a different shift than you? Lots of options here.

    13. Aren't you looking for a new hobby?

    Woodworking? Engine Repair? Drums? Landscaping? Singing? Raising Roosters?

    14. Were you ever the victim or the participant in the types of practical jokes that go on in the college dorms? Use your imagination.

    One of my favorites is to set your electronic alarm clock to a VERY early hour and then go away for the weekend. Or maybe your home or car alarm has a RIDICULOUSLY loud horn, siren, etc.

    15. Final Things to Remember:

    16. Always Start by Talking

    17. Don't Demand or Threaten

    18. Document

    Have a complete record of the steps you took to alleviate the situation.

    19. Stay in the Boundaries

    20. Double Check to make sure YOU are not being unrealistic.

    21. Patience

    You are playing the long game here.

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