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10 ways to get through the winter if you live in a northern climate

I live in Canada, which is really cold. January and February are the coldest and darkest. Let's see if we can come up with some good coping tactics.

    1. It's only until mid-March

    Winter here stretches about 90 days. I always keep telling myself, "It's only until March".

    2. Warm beverages

    Maybe it's cocoa. Maybe it's coffee. Tea?

    3. Engaging in creative hobbies

    Spending so much time indoors lends itself to more time with creative pursuits.

    4. Bake something

    The smell from the oven is great, but also the heat from the oven is great too!

    5. Walk outside

    Counter-intuitive, but acclimating yourself to the cold is how it affects you less. Good for your circulation too, I hear.

    6. Exercise

    Related to above. You know the best time to go to the gym is? It's not the first week of January. It's during a snowstorm!

    7. Read

    Anything. I find the philosophical texts are good. But you could read the bible or a novel.

    8. Spend time with others

    It can get really easy to isolate, but you gotta make sure you don't.

    9. Meditation

    I haven't tried this, but during a snowstorm, wouldn't it be great to sit there in the dark as the snow piles on, and just be still?

    10. Cookies?

    This is the time for comfort foods.

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