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10 ways to get 'unstuck' if you are stuck (say generating ideas)

    1. Be evil

    There's nothing wrong with anything that crosses the line - it's just an idea after all

    2. Be ridiculous

    Who is to say that you need to be proper when coming up with ideas?

    3. Think about ideas where you have infinite money and no money

    That's two more ideas there

    4. Think about the reverse

    Instead of thinking about how you might get rid of a pest, how might you make sure it never exists in the first place?

    5. Consider different occupations

    What would an artist do? Engineer? Scientist? Politician?

    6. Consider what your best friend would do

    Better if your friend is smarter than you

    7. How would things be different if you wanted to expend the most effort possible? Least effort?

    8. What if you didn't have access to any technology? Or all the technology?

    9. What analogies could help you here?

    If you wanted to generate ideas on how to fly, you might look to birds, insects, planes, hot air balloons and more.

    10. Can I play with the concept?

    Suppose I wanted to generate ideas on a better toothbrush. The concept of a toothbrush might be to clean away leftover food debris. Another concept could be to apply toothpaste to teeth. Different concepts lead to different kinds of ideas.

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