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10 Ways to Get Work Done on the Weekend

Lately I feel like I've had to do more and more work on the weekends. Sure, maybe this is because we're having a busy quarter. But I definitely could stand to be more productive and less distracted.

    1. Get out of Bed

    Ok, ideally this should be "get out of the house," but getting out of bed is a good start.

    2. Bribe Myself

    Whether it's a sugary coffee, a new pair of shoes, or video game time... a gift is great motivation.

    3. Try the Pomodoro Method

    The 25 mins. working/ 5 mins. relaxing method has worked really well in the past. I just need to apply it more rigorously!

    4. Recruit a Friend to work at the same time

    Who better to hold me accountable? And it's someone to look busy in front of.

    5. Plan a Detailed Checklist/Schedule

    I love checking things off lists, so this should be another way to break my work down and get things done little by little.

    6. Stay away from Distractions

    aka lock my phone up and throw away the key

    7. Play Classical Music

    Anything to avoid getting distracted by every little sound

    8. Tie my Hair Up

    It makes it easier to focus!

    9. Be Prepared with all Materials

    The last thing I need is another excuse not to focus. If I could have all my chargers, notepads, and devices in one place, that would be ideal.

    10. Establish Consequences

    This is a tough one, because it's not fun, but I think it would work. Consequences could be something like: run a mile or donate $xx to charity every 30 mins of dawdling

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