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10 ways to guerrilla market a local service business

    1. Twitter

    2. Facebook groups

    3. Do the 10 for $10 Challenge!

    4. Post on Craigslist

    5. The $1 challenge!

    6. The 30 day challenge!

    7. Do a free lunch

    Or coffee
    Or dinner
    Whatever your local business is
    Free dinner for 10 people who come to our place and tell us why they need our service!

    8. Use to do an event around your service business. Charge $10 to attend and give away your services as prizes. Describe the challenges you solve in each category of your industry and explain why you are best at it.

    For instance, if you are a real estate agent, describe what makes you the best option for buying or selling a home (and be honest), describe what makes you different from other agents, etc. Then use that description as testimonials when you sell later on.

    You can also do this with any industry that has many options but not many meetups so people feel more comfortable talking about their problems with someone in person than online (like lawyers, doctors, etc). Cosponsors

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