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10 Ways to Help Improve NotePD!

I rarely maintain a TRUE daily streak of anything. But so far, I've kept a streak of Idea Lists on NotePD for 12 days! I'm enjoying the experience more than I thought I would when I started.

So after trying out NotePD for 2 weeks, I've also come up with some ideas for helping to improve it even more.

Any of this in the works @paolo and @jay_yow07 ?

    1. Export lists as images

    Options to customize a beautiful, shareable image of the list as a whole or in parts.

    2. Full-page writing mode

    I want to be able to see more of the list as I'm writing it. Right now the editing window looks like this:


    3. Basic formatting options for text

    Even if the idea titles remained the same, it would be great to add bold, italics, underline, strikethrough, and even highlight to the description text.

    4. Access to royalty-free images when you click "Attach Image"

    5. Smoother & faster dragging and dropping to reorder ideas.

    Or an "Insert idea above/below" button alongside each idea (like adding columns to a table).

    This avoids having to write an idea at the bottom first and then drag and drop it.

    6. Ability to attach images in replies

    7. Easier batch clearing of notifications

    I love that there's a "Mark as Read" button for notifications. But when I press it, the notification box closes automatically. I have to keep returning to it to manually mark each notification as read.

    8. Allow comments on each idea in the list, not only at the bottom of the list as a whole.

    9. Attach GIFs or videos to lists

    10. Add hyperlinks.

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