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10 Ways To Help You Find Your Competitive Edge

There are plenty of pretty voices with nothing to say. Do you have something to say?” Mr. V., CODA.

Everyone can learn programming, maths, and digital marketing, but no one can be you. Understand what makes you unique, how you are distinguished, and what you bring to the table.

    1. Unique Skills

    A foreign language you speak, a scripting language you master that can automate things, etc.

    A friend of mine, a former Rubik cube world champion, was asked to solve a Rubik during an interview. He did and got the job,

    2. Network

    Your AMB alumni, your ex-colleagues, etc.

    3. Unique experience

    Building a website, writing a book, managing a culturally diverse team, a failed business, 5 exits, etc.

    4. Valuable expertise

    Tiktok marketing, c++, Ikebana, etc.

    5. Knowledge

    balance sheet, cash flow, etc. You dont need to be an accountant to know how to read a balance sheet.

    6. Resource

    Money, data, etc.

    7. Weird hobby/passion

    A candidate once got an offer because he could talk about passion fruit with such an intense passion.

    8. Ideas

    An inventory of ideas can easily tap onto, your NotePD ;)

    9. A process

    A 2nd brain, a process that can easily put in flow, a way to manage knowledge that your team can use and benefit from, etc.

    10. Storytelling

    This is skill, but I think if you have this you can turn anything into a competitive advantage.

    11. Brand

    If you have built a name for your self, that is a competitive advantage.

    12. There are probably more. Please add in the comment :)

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