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10 ways to improve my customer experience at Subway

I spend around $200 on Subway per month. It's fast, easy, and (kinda) healthy. Here are 10 things that would make the customer experience better for me at the store and on the app.

    1. Store - ask franchisees to take away the tip option at checkout

    Sorry Subway you are still fast food. It makes me uncomfortable having to press "0 tip" every single time. I'm sure there are still polite people who tip, so you're still coming up ahead. But when that tip option rolled out, I actually stopped going to Subway for 2 months. Now I just use the app where there is no tip option.

    2. Store - try to establish more consistency among franchisees

    One of my favorite sandwiches is the breakfast sausage egg and cheese. Some places will serve this all day, some only in the morning, some don't even have this sandwich. It's not a great experience when I don't know if my favorite sandwich is available or not at a specific location.

    3. Store - upgrade your bathrooms

    I've never been impressed with a Subway bathroom. Even McDonald's bathrooms are better. Starbucks is an achievable standard for bathrooms.. try to model them

    4. Store - collaborate with different brands more often

    When Sriracha came out as a sauce, I was hooked. Then there was this weird period of time where I couldn't order Sriracha. Now it's available but the name on the bottle is "Ask Me". It feels like I'm ordering something sketchy. There has to be brands that are willing to work with you- you have so many ingredients, why not collaborate more often?

    5. Store - make corn and sour cream an option

    I was so happy with the recent rollout of the wild rice.. this direction in trying to gain ground on fast casual places like Chipotle is a solid pivot. Your price point is lower than Chipotle but the flavors are semi-comparable. Sour cream and corn would be a huge boost to the bowls and I might go to chipotle less often

    6. Store - make redemption for feedback easier

    There are instructions to provide feedback on the receipt. In exchange for providing feedback, you get a cookie. In order to get that cookie you have to provide the 16 digit code to the cashier. I actually dread giving feedback because I know I'm going to be standing at the cashier for like 1-2 minutes while trying to redeem my cookie.

    This manual entry can be solved by a simple barcode or can be incorporated into the app.

    7. App - have total calories more accessible in multiple places

    When I want to see how many calories my entire meal is, I have to go reorder the entire meal and click through the bag. This triggers the follow up emails and notifications on my phone which is kinda annoying. It'd be great if I can see the total calories directly from the order history

    8. App - favorite meals should be more easily accessible

    To order one of my favorite meals, I have to go into my profile and click to favorites. It's hard to find. The reorder button is great if I only order 1-2 things consistently but there are 5 things I alternate through.

    9. App - improve app speed

    It's so slow to load from ordering to adding ingredients to checking out. Also the "in progress" is pretty buggy. I never receive a notification that my order is ready- I just walk in assuming it's ready

    10. App - Improve rewards and bonuses

    Right now the cashback redemption rate is around $2/$50 spent or $4/$100 = 4% cashback. This is very low compared to other fast food rewards programs and even some credit card cashbacks. During Christmas, you have a promotion where it's buy a $25 gift card for a 6inch sub. An enticing regular reward would be "spend $50 for a 6inch sub" or "$100 for a footlong"

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