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10 Ways To Improve Team Culture

Office, Remote, Sports, Family ... ANY Team.

    1. Criticize in private; praise in public.

    2. Set VERY clear expectations.


    'I need you to do ___ by ____, and if you cannot complete it by ____, then I need to know that by _____.'

    'You are responsible for this task, and no one else.'

    3. Don't micromanage!

    'How' something gets done is less important that the Quality & Promptness of the Result.

    4. Provide regular, direct, and of course, private, feedback.

    The harder something feels to say, the more it needs to be said, and sooner.

    5. Be genuinely curious about what makes the people on your team who they are.

    This doesn't mean that you have to be their best friend, but it does mean that you should know what their interests are, what makes them tick, and what they don't like.

    6. Practice 'Extreme Ownership'.

    Here's the complete manual.

    7. Never ask a subordinate to do anything that you are not willing to do, or have not yet tried to do at least once.

    There may be some exceptions here, such as highly specialized or dangerous kinds of work ... but even in those cases, you probably should not be giving orders without experience.

    8. Be humble.

    There are times when it's appropriate to take credit, or even have a strong ego. But mostly, for example, when in meetings with colleagues, don't kiss ass or rush to claim credit verbally. Show us your work, that's your credit.

    9. Give Teammates your COMPLETE & unconditional attention (unless you're specifically not available, which should be made obvious).

    In other words, if someone comes to ask you a question, either stop what your doing and be ready to give everything you can to the answer, or politely let them know that you're not in a position to assist right now. Do not make people feel guilty to ask you for help by 'acting busy'.

    10. Do all Dependent Tasks before Independent Tasks.

    Dependent Tasks are ones for which, while your part is open, at least one - but usually many more than one - person cannot do what they need to do. Don't keep us all waiting on you.

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