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10 ways to improve your productivity

I follow a lot of productivity gurus. Recently, there is a concept that 10x improvement is easier or better than 2X improvement. While all these things are great to think about and maybe a few individuals manage to do this sometimes if you really do 10x improvement for 10 years you will be 10 billion times better. That is extremely unlikely. I have also been wondering about what is the point? What would I do if I am 10 times more of something that I currently am? However, incremental improvement is always a plus and it will compound the same way.

    1. Delete time wasting apps from your phone

    2. Train yourself to listen to audiobooks at higher speeds

    Right now audible will play up to 3 1/2 times faster. Depending on the speakers, natural speed, an accent and background noise, I can perceive every word at those speeds. I have been listening to sped up audio for a long time.

    3. Subscribe to services that consolidate information

    This can be something like Blinkist, which does book summaries. Also, any time somebody has put together a course or written a book they have spent time consolidating knowledge for you to consume.

    4. Time for Meta thinking

    This can be journaling, long walks, exercise, or any number of methods. I have found for myself that I have to change it up. What I mean here is that you spend time examining what you're doing and looking for ways that you can improve a little bit every day.

    5. Keep a whiteboard in your workspace and use it

    This is great for keeping short, medium, and long term notes always visible

    6. Spend time thinking about your future and what you want it to be

    For me, this is more difficult than I thought it would be. Setting aside time to think it's not that hard, but actually coming up with a different future and imagining a different future that I have takes effort. However, the more time I spend thinking about it the better I get at it. It is good to have long-term goals. I recently read a quote and I forget who said it but if you don't know where you're going any road will get you there. Longer-term goals are important to have.

    7. Reduce decision fatigue

    Do things like set your clothes out the night before while you are still fresh. For example, I have attached a house, key, a flashlight, and dog poop bags to my dogs leash. I also keep shoes by the front door. Since I walk the dog four or five times a day this saving of 2 minutes to gather all that stuff every time ends up being an hour or more week of saved time. 

    8. Commit to one activity at a time until they become habits

    This could be things like note, PD, exercise, reading. Try to do them often enough so that they become habits. Don't beat yourself up for missing days and realize that over longer periods of time you may need to change.

    9. Always have headphones for audio books

    If you listen to audiobooks and are aggressive about doing it at high speed, you will be surprised at how many books you can listen to in a week. If you listen while you were shopping or otherwise, on occupied, you can expose yourself to a lot of material. it is also possible to burn out and you should also take time to enjoy the silence. 

    10. Delete emails first

    This helps me manage my email. I have a lot of lists that send me new stuff every day. Sometimes I want to read them but every day it's a waste of time. So while I'm using my Gmail, the first thing I do is click the box to delete all the mails and then I scan them and un select the ones I want to keep. Since I get 200 emails a day I can illuminate 75% of them in a few seconds 

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