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10 ways to increase your social media audience (without much effort)

As business owners (and humans) we often want to increase the audience for our social media. The fastest way to do this is to hire a team for $X,000,000 per year and churn out 86 pieces of content a day, but for us mere mortals, there must be a simpler way

Low hanging fruit sometimes tastes the sweetest

    1. Make a podcast

    Make a podcast where you interview interesting people. People will be drawn to your podcast because of the guests you have. They will check out your social media to find out who you interviewed and then follow you.

    2. Write lists on Quora

    People love lists on Quora. Write 10-15 list posts about topics that are trending or relevant to your industry. For instance, if you are in real estate, write "Top 10 reasons why now is the best time to buy real estate" and then attach some facts and data to back up each reason.

    3. Make an online course

    Do an online course that teaches how to do something (like how to make money online). You can either charge for it or give it away for free. The more specific the niche of the course, the better. For instance, "How To Make $100 A Day Selling Used Books On Amazon".

    4. Post photos every day on Instagram

    Use a theme so people know what your feed looks like when they see it. For instance, I always post photos of food on Instagram so people know what my feed looks like when they see it.

    5. Make a book!

    Write a book! It doesn't have to be 200 pages long but just write down ideas that interest you and put them in a PDF or Word document. Then sell it on Amazon or give it away for free.

    6. Interview other influencers in your industry

    Find other influencers in your industry and interview them via email (I do this all the time with guests for my podcast). People will be interested in reading these interviews so they can learn more about their favorite influencers.

    7. Do micro-gigs on Fiverr or Upwork

    "I need someone to make me a logo" or "I need someone to edit my ebook". These projects often only cost $5-$10 so there's low risk if you do these gigs.

    8. Have a contest!

    • Have a contest where people submit their own versions of your logo
    • Have a contest where people submit their own version of what would be included in an ideal packing list if they were going on vacation

    9. Create memes that relate to current events

    • "What I Learned From James Bond Movies". Or any movie series really. Or TV shows, etc

    10. Ask questions!

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