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10 ways to keep going!

If you're stuck coming up with a topic to come up with ideas for, here's your cheat sheet

    1. Look at other people's idea lists

    Only the topics - and then generate an idea list on that topic

    2. Reversal

    Instead of talking about 10 things you want to do in 2023, talk about 10 things you don't want to do in 2023

    3. WWJD

    What would James do? He would go into the ideas he has generated before and then expand on those. So if he had written 10 book titles, he would choose one book and then create 10 chapters.

    4. Look at a book around you and use that as your idea list

    Could be 10 quotes, 10 things you learned, etc.

    5. Think about the routines in your life

    Why do you do things a certain way? Or do you have particular quirks or nuances in your life?

    6. Reflect on your job

    What are 10 things people don't know about your line of work? 10 things you've learned from work? 10 things you want to do with your career?

    7. Travel

    Travel's always a great topic - both for ideas and for conversation. Where would you like to travel to? What would you like to do? Already a seasoned traveller? What places would you recommend? Avoid?

    8. Books

    One of my favourite topics - choose a problem people have and then recommend 10 books to help others solve the problem.

    9. Ask ChatGPT

    10. Ask AI James!

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