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10 Ways To Keep Your Brain Young & Flexible

    1. Practice calligraphy. Because using the fine muscles in your hands and fingers builds your brain.

    2. Pretend to be a kid. Never stop playing. Because rigidity and seriousness ages the mind faster than you can imagine.

    3. Play videos games. Lots of them. Though you will want to avoid games that create dopamine addiction in the brain.

    4. Start a new mini-business. Or side-hustle. In a market that you're totally clueless about. So you're forced to learn a new subject.

    5. Be an expatriate for a while. It's a totally different experience from just visiting a new country on holiday.

    6. Learn to alternate between periods of intense work and intense rest. You don't have to do it all the time. But it's a good way to "switch" the brain around.

    7. Learn to yodel. Or sing opera. There's a reason why kids love to sing. But these forms of singing stretch the mind a little more.

    8. Learn to pick locks. Or just learn to unlock puzzles. It's fun. And stimulates the brain.

    9. Practice writing poetry. Preferably haiku. Because other forms of poetry can overstimulate your brain to the point of depression if you're not careful.

    10. Read fiction. Read novels. Preferably novels from other countries where you're not living right now.

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