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10 ways to let go of productivity guilt

10 things I learned from "I didn't do the thing today" by Madeleine Dore

    1. Recognize that while we can do anything, we can't do everything

    And not just during a particular day but during our lifetime. We can accomplish great things, but we can't accomplish all of the things we possibly want.

    2. Routines can be a rut

    If you have to wake up early, do your miracle morning routine, and then get to work, you're going to feel awful when you have days where you need to rest or you don't feel like doing the miracle morning routine. It's great to have routines to start your day, but they shouldn't be so strict that you feel guilty when you don't do them.

    3. Each day is a fresh start

    It doesn't matter how unproductive you were yesterday, today is a new day. The great thing about time is there is no way to spoil the hours of the next day.

    4. Celebrate your wins

    Small or big - they are all worthy of celebration. Instead of a to do list, write a done list instead at the end of the day. Realize how much you've actually done rather than how much you didn't get to.

    5. Everybody has different levels of productivity

    Just because you're not producing at the level of Elon Musk or Ryan Holiday doesn't mean you should shame yourself. They may have resources you don't have. They may have help and support you don't have.

    6. Recognize that even 5 minutes is enough to start something

    Don't feel like you need 30 minutes or an hour or a 3 hour chunk of time to start that book or take on that big project.

    7. Unproductive time isn't always unproductive

    Sometimes things come and go in streaks. You'll get an idea and write several pages. Other days you'll be stuck. But those days that you are stuck may be the days you're thinking about, researching, experimenting with ideas.

    8. There is no secret to productivity that will work for everyone

    Everyone has their own routines, habits, mindset and to do list.

    9. The work you do doesn't define who you are

    10. Be micro ambitious

    Work with passion on whatever is in front of you and welcome new opportunities as they come.

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