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10 Ways to Leverage Yesterdays List

Yesterday I posted an idea list: 10 Reinvention Myths and Reframes.

Today's list is 10 ways I can leverage these myths/reframes for my coaching biz.

The goals behind these are: New clients, email subscribers, and speaking gigs.

    1. Videos

    Short 2-3 minute videos diving into the myth and offering the reframe—post to social.

    2. Weekly newsletter

    Add a myth-busting section to the email I send out every Friday.

    3. IG Stories

    Create graphics and content for IG stories, with a CTA (free call)

    4. Social Media Posts

    Create posts for LI/IG/FB, graphic and short caption, include a CTA (free call)

    5. Keeping Building

    There are more than 10; examine my notes from client calls and find the themes that seem to pop up the most. What are the biggest problems they face?

    6. Lead Magnet

    Bundle all 10 (or more)into a lead magnet to drive people to my email list.

    7. Blog posts

    Create a long-form post based on each myth for my website, LinkedIn and Medium. I can then repurpose it for my weekly newsletter.

    I can also submit to other publications.

    8. Ebook

    Bundle all the long-form posts and create an ebook. Self-publish to Amazon. Leverage this and my existing book for speaking gigs.

    9. Engagement

    Ask followers for their own beliefs, how the myths show up in their own lives/experiences, and use them for a LinkedIn poll.

    10. Data Collection

    Use the answers from # 9 to create new content. Then, rinse/Wash/Repeat the steps above.

    11. Bonus: Create Cartoons

    I just like making stick figure cartoons; it makes me happy. I could do a 3/4 panel cartoon of a couple of stick figures discussing these.

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