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10 Ways to Lose Weight

Getting and staying in shape will hopefully help you live a long healthy life without so many problems.

My weight fluctuates depending on how strict I am with my health plan.

There is not just one thing that will make you lose weight. In my experience it is a combination of things that goes into living a healthier lifestyle.

    1. Quit smoking, drinking, drugs. Drink more water

    This is really about mindset. Because when you are doing those things, you are not focused as much on your goals. You are not really in the mindset to exercise and your already drinking so why also try and eat healthy?

    Do those things in moderation and then go back to your regular schedule.

    Some people drink wine, coffee etc. Those things may or may not be good for you.

    I am not the biggest fan of water. But I try and drink more water than I think is neccessary. It cleans out your system. It keeps your digestive system regular. It helps your kidneys.

    You can workout longer if you stay hydrated.

    2. Walking - jogging

    This gets the heart rate up.

    3. Lift weights

    Stress your body. Create stronger muscles.

    Feel strong.


    Tighten up certain body parts.

    4. Meal, drink, snack prep - Bodies are made in the

    Plan out healthy meals. Healthy drinks. Healthy snacks.

    Don't let your appetite take control of you.

    Plan out your future.

    It takes less mental energy.

    It will help control costs. And you will be able to eat tasty, delicious food that will help you reach you weight goals.

    5. Be consistent aka schedule



    Getting in shape takes time. It will not happen today or tomorrow, but over weeks and months.

    The longer you can get into the habit of working out and eating healthy the better you will fee.

    6. Eat vegetables

    Veggies are the most underrated food group.

    They will fuel your weight loss. They are definitely not as tasty as processed sugar, but they will give you everything you need to lose weight.

    7. Stay away from restaurants, Starbucks, fast food aka processed sugar

    So many foods have processed sugar. One of the biggest offenders is Starbucks.

    Stay away from restaurants. Most of the food they offer is high in calories and is heavily processed.

    It is delicious. It is made that way so that keep coming back. But it will not help you reach your fitness goals.

    If you are really seriously about losing weight. Do the Whole30 diet. You essentially just cut out all sugar from your diet. Sugar becomes fat. When you remove the sugar you will start to see results.

    8. Make homemade meals

    I shop at Costco a lot. I like it because it helps me plan meals that I am going to make at home. Most of the food items that I buy are fresh or single food items that have not yet been processed.

    Meals that you make at home are healthy than restaurant meals.

    When you start making them at home you have more control about what goes in your body. You will be more intentional about what you make, eat and avoid.

    9. Have an accountability partner

    I go to the gym with my boyfriend and lift weight.

    I like to jog outside and listen to music or podcasts.

    Classes are a great way to stay motivated and accountable to others. Cycling. Yoga. Dance. Whatever works for you.

    Workout with a friend, music, or get a personal trainer. This person wil help reach your fitness goals faster.

    10. Don't be afraid

    Everyone struggles with their health.

    There is always going to be someone in better shape than you.

    Everyone at the gym is trying to lose weight and get in better shape. They are living in their own world thinking about their own lives and goals.

    11. Keep trying different things.

    Cycling, yoga, dancing, weights, jogging, stairs, hiking.

    Keep learning about yourself, your body, different exercises.

    You may find some type of exercise you enjoy more than others.

    There is so much information we are still learning about the human body. Keep learning and trying out different things. It will push you out of your comfort zone. It will keep your mind sharp.

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