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10 Ways To Make £1 Today

    1. If you know martial arts, look for people in your local area who need a sparring partner and charge £1 for it. Include a video of your spar where you go over possible improvements after the sparring.

    2. Get a blank card. Put on some lipstick. Kiss the card and leave your mark. Grab some flowers from your garden. Bundle it with the card for sale as a last-minute gift for £1.

    3. If you have spray paint at home, and some stencils, walk around the neighborhood and offer to spray paint people's house numbers on their sidewalk for £1 if they don't have that already.

    4. Set up a booth outside your house with a Nintendo and some popular two-player games. Charge passersby £1 to play a round with you. Whoever wins can keep challenging the next player.

    5. Build something really cool with some Lego. Sell it for £1. Lots of tutorials on YouTube. Take a cool video of you building it too. You can always sell the video as stock later.

    6. Buy some cheap umbrellas in bulk. Wait until it rains. Start selling the umbrellas for £1 each at someplace with lots of people running through the rain.

    7. If you have a cute dog, rent it out as a guard dog for £1 per hour.

    8. Get some chicken skewers from Costco. BBQ them outside your house. Sell each stick for £1 each to passersby. Include a beach chair where they can chill out while munching away.

    9. Buy a million rubber ducks and pile them into a mountain outside your house. Charge £1 for people to take a picture next to the duckie mountain. They can also take one duck home as a souvenir.

    10. Dress up and pretend to be a king. March around town. And charge £1 to take tourists and show them around town.

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