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10 Ways to Make .30 Super Carry THE handgun caliber

A new handgun caliber was introduced a little over a year ago to the American market aimed directly at the concealed carry license holder. Introducing a new caliber into the shooting world is always difficult but this seems to have died almost before it was born. I think that given a chance this caliber fills a need. So here is how I would increase market visibility to help ensure survival of our newest handgun round.

    1. Buy a pistol chambered in .30 Super Carry.

    Currently there are 4 models from 2 manufacturers. One manufacturer is currently out of my price range and the other two models don't really interest me. BUT, buying and shooting .30SC is the simplest and most obvious way to support it

    2. We need at least one more manufacturer

    More choices should potentially mean broader appeal.

    3. Design a new pistol around this cartridge.

    Based on use, most would say the world's most popular pistol caliber is 9mm. .30SC has similar performance but offers other advantages. The current .30SC guns are 9mm guns rechambered. This round needs and deserves a new, smaller pistol design.

    4. Chamber a rifle in this caliber.

    A rifle that uses the same caliber and magazines as your pistol has appeal and a lot to recommend it. 30SC runs at a much higher pressure than most other handgun rounds. This extra energy could be put to good use in a rifle as a light, utility design.

    5. Expand marketing in new direction.

    If you believe this ammunition's origin story, it was designed from the ground up as a pistol round for the concealed handgun carrier. All of the current press has been in this venue.

    I think this round would also be great as a small and medium game getter in an appropriate field pistol. There needs to be some attention given to this in the advertising. Give more shooters a reason to use it.

    6. It needs to be adopted or at least approved by a public safety agency for use.

    .30 Super Carry was not designed as a police or military handgun caliber. But having it approved for off duty or plain clothes use by an agency would raise both its visibility and its trust factor with civilians. That in turn would increase its popularity.

    7. It needs to be submitted to C.I.P for approval.

    There are two organizations that create standards for ammunition. SAAMI is primarily the US. C.I.P. is primarily Europe. Once these standards are published, it becomes far easier for both firearms and ammunition manufacturers to use this caliber.

    8. It may be a great match for submachine guns.

    Most submachine guns in use today are chambered for pistol rounds. Of these, 9mm is by far the most common. 

    One of the downsides of SMGs is that they can consume ammo very quickly. A SMG designed for 9mm can carry 20-30% more ammo in the same size magazine.

    9. Ammunition has to be affordable.

    Again, 9mm is our main competition. Because it is so common and is produced in such huge quantities, 9mm is some of the cheapest centerfire ammunition available. To encourage adoption, 30SC has to be priced the same. Even if it has to be carried as a loss leader for a year or so.

    10. Patience

    Firearm and more importantly ammunition manufacturers need to be committed to the success of this round. That means continuing production for years to come. 
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